Methods for learning - the plan

At Alpadia Berlin we teach German in German because that is the language we want to impart to you. Whether it's German for your daily life, your university studies, your career, or an upcoming examination.

Our groups have a maximum of 12 people. This way we can combine theory and practice in communicative teaching situations, in which both grammatical questions and speaking practice are thoroughly covered. The small group format allows us to give individual attention to everyone in the class.

We design our courses to match the individual levels and personal interests of our students. For each lesson, we mix our own lesson material with standard course books, to build on what you already know, freshen up what you've forgotten, and quickly cover new ground.

German language teacher Through regular performance monitoring, we always keep an eye on the current ability levels of all our students to make sure that every student is in the best group for them.

We don't separate grammar tuition from conversation practice. Grammar is always taught in connection with useful examples. Instead of boring rote learning, we make sure that new grammar is taught and practiced in authentic, communicative situations. Expanding your vocabulary, oral communication, and learning strategies are also on the menu. Our teaching programme is augmented with specific pronunciation practice.

Conversation from day one

The four foundation stones of all our courses are: listening comprehension, writing, reading, and speaking. Group discussions, role play, and conversation in the classroom all help to improve your oral communication, vocabulary, and sentence structure. Grammar is not taught in isolation; it is packaged in informative and stirring texts, which also convey important cultural, political, and historical information. A few examples of the topics covered are: relationships, social life, jobs and work, Berlin history, and cultural identity.

Classroom The same goes for our German courses: all participants are directly involved. We apply a communicative approach, which means that even beginners will be practicing grammar, dialogues, exercises, reading, watching videos, and using visual aids to promote communication from day one. We consciously create a relaxed, entertaining, and communicative atmosphere in order to enable students to speak German without inhibition.

Two teachers = more variety

Our STANDARD courses are always taught by two teachers. They rotate in the middle of the week. That means you get variety. You get to hear another voice, experience different styles of communication, and work with a variety of themes and topics. Two pairs of eyes and two pairs of ears allow us to get a better picture of how we can best support your learning.


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