Language courses as educational leave

Educational leave - what exactly is that?

Educational leave is the right to a period of paid leave from your employment in order to take part in a state-approved educational programme. These programmes are accredited by Germany's federal states and cover either further education or political education.

An English, Spanish, or even German intensive course which helps you improve your language skills can be accredited and recognised as a period of educational leave.

Apart from Baden-Württemberg, Bavaria, Sachsen, and Thuringia, all of Germany's federal states offer workers the option of paid educational leave. An employee can normally claim five days per calendar year as educational leave, or ten days can be taken together combining the five day allocation from two consecutive calendar years.

The main conditions are that an employee is in permanent employment and has had their job for more than six months. The chosen course must be full-time, at least 30 teaching sessions per week.

Make use of your opportunity!

Even in the federal states named above, where there is no official right to paid education leave, there may be individual possibilities if you need to improve your language skills for your job. Perhaps your employer would be willing to release you for the period of your language course, or may even agree to pay part of the cost of the course. Why not talk to your boss?

Your boss can probably also let you know when would be the most convenient time for you to take your language course. It's best to find out as soon as you can because you will normally need to give at least six weeks notice before the course start date that you are taking the time as paid educational leave. Your boss will probably also appreciate as much time as possible to make plans for the time you are away from your job.

Our SUPER-INTENSIVE courses run throughout the year and are officially recognised by Berlin's Senate. It's best to book as early as possible as the places on our courses are limited to six and also because you can't register your educational leave with your employer after the course has taken place.

If you have any questions, for example about dates for our up-coming intensive courses, please get in touch with us. Our team will be more than happy to help in any way they can.


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