ADUQUA - European framework for developing the quality standards of integration training for adult migrants

Adult education experts from around Europe gathered for a special conference at Lancashire College in Chorley.

ADUQUA conference at Lancashire College The conference was hosted by Lancashire Adult Learning, which is part of Lancashire County Council. It brought together representatives from 12 countries including Iceland, Germany, Finland, Austria and the UK.

They are all part of the ADUQUA network, which aims to ensure that adult migrants are offered the highest possible standard of training to help them get the most out of life in their new country. The project is funded by the European Commission.

The conference was opened by County Councillor Mike Calvert, cabinet member for adult and community services. The keynote speech was given by Dr Philida Schellekens, a consultant, author and researcher who specialises in migration issues.

Councillor Calvert said: "It was a pleasure to welcome members of the ADUQUA network to Lancashire."

ADUQUA conference at Lancashire College "In an age of increasing global mobility, it is important to help people to adjust to life in a new country as quickly and smoothly as possible."

"Through the ADUQUA network, those countries with a wide experience of these issues can share their knowledge with countries that are less familiar with migration programmes."

"This will help to ensure that partner countries can learn from each other and work together to develop consistently high standards of integration training across Europe."

The conference included a visit to Haslingden Community Link, which works in partnership with the county council's adult learning service to provide courses in English for speakers of other languages (ESOL).

The visitors had the chance to meet staff, volunteers and learners at the centre on Bury Road and hear about the success of the collaborative work between the two organisations.

Steve Hailstone, principal of Lancashire Adult Learning, said: "The ESOL work we do with Haslingden Community Link and other organisations can help make it much easier for people who are new to the country to carry out everyday tasks such as talking to a doctor, applying for a job or helping their children with their homework.

"It also helps people to understand the laws and customs of the UK and is a major step towards passing the Life in the UK test and becoming a British citizen."


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