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According to the UN’s World Development Report, Burkina Faso is the second poorest country in the world. It has 14 million inhabitants and is as big as the West Germany was.

For more than 15 years, a small group has been frequently travelling to Burkina Faso in West Africa to support a small school in the village Tin-Akoff (Province Oudalan). This is all possible because we can also find people who help us help Africa.

Alpadia Berlin is one such supporter, helping make education accessible for the children there. We believe that EDUCATION is one of the best chances these children have.

Here in this small village on the edge of the Sahels, we have been supporting the following projects:

School in Burkina Faso A small school for about 200 children. For many years, we have been able to pay for a cook to provide food for the school children. To put this in context: many parents send their children to school partly because they know their children will get a warm meal there, which is unfortunately not always a given for many African families. The graduating students receive a birth certificate, and are therefore eligible for a school diploma. Notebooks, pens and whatever else is needed is provided for the school children. It is usually possible for the school’s director to save some money in case of emergency.

A millet silo for the poorest of the poor. Millet can be bought here for a normal price when millet is no longer affordable at the marketplace. This often has the consequence that grain has to be sold under market value. This is also the case this year. Even at its cheapest, millet costs twice as much this year as it did last year.

A garden oasis. Purchase of seeds, fruit and vegetables has been supported. Surplus produce is distributed to school children.

A local social station, which is supplied with blankets, medication, needles and bandages, is supported. It is for people who cannot afford medicine and certainly not a doctor’s visit. For some it is the last hope for medical attention.

Please help us help them – every euro is well spent.

Since we started our projects, we have been successful in registering our association as a charitable organisation in Germany, so that we are authorized to issue donation receipts.

If you want to help us, please transfer your donation to the following account. You can use the reference line to specify which of our projects you would like to support.

A.B.I.S. Humanitäre e.V.
Bank code: 585 501 30
Account number: 101 156 8
IBAN: DE45585501300001011568
If you require a donation receipt, please send a short request to:

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