TRIALOG - New business languages in Europe

The aim of this project is to assist young adults in Poland, Turkey and Germany in learning Polish, Turkish and German within the framework of vocational training. The young adults all learn the language of one of the partner countries.

The main emphasis is on the practical usage of the new language within the tourism, hotel and catering industries. In this way, the intercultural and language abilities of the participants will be strengthened, and the young people will develop skills which help them for their future employment within an increasingly mobile and flexible European and world market.

This co-operation between Poland, Germany and Turkey sees an innovative project involving a new EU member, an old EU member and a future EU candidate country.

Promoting languages

The Leonardo da Vinci 2006 programme to language competence, initiative B

Target group(s)

Teachers, companies, apprentices, young employees


Project partners

Contacts at ESL PROLOG Berlin

Uwe Stränger, Joachim Becker

Further information

BGZ Berliner Gesellschaft für internationale Zusammenarbeit mbH (Berlin International Cooperation Ageny)


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