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Burada ders, konaklamaniz veya sertifikalar hakkinda soru sorabilirsiniz. Ekibimiz size seve seve yardimci olacaktir.

Felix Breitkreuz - Centre Manager

Contact person for all school matters. He is pleased to help you with questions about the course system, examinations and teacher training.

Janka Duske - Office Manager

She is responsible for bookings, extensions of contracts, payments and school ID cards. She knows pretty much everything and in various languages.

Gerda Schlimmgen - Assistant Office Manager

Gerda is happy to advise you about appropriate courses, bookings and extensions, and answer questions about your lessons.

Barbara Goll - Accommodation Supervisor

She takes care of student accommodation and helps with any question concerning your language stay. She is the contact person for our host families.

Andrea Walter - Office

Andrea works in the school's office and makes sure that everything is running smoothly. She can assist you with bookings and extensions of contracts.

Angelika Maier - Director of Studies for German as a Foreign Language

Angelika is here to help you with all questions regarding your German courses. She is responsible for the level testing of students, the course organization and the support of teachers. She is developing new course formats and is in charge for quality control within the German department.

Helga Kuipers - Director of Studies for Foreign Languages

Helga runs the foreign language department. She looks after the 14 foreign languages taught in the school, coordinates the courses and organizes more than 50 foreign language teachers. She is also a German teacher and is involved in our internal teacher-training programme.

Sebastian Taylor - Director of Studies for English

Not only does Sebastian teach English at companies, but he is also the head of the English department, which means that he coordinates the individual courses and allocates teachers to them. He’s also the person to talk to about Cambridge English and Telc exams. Sebastian is a master-trainer for the EUROLTA teacher training.

Anja Grüneberg - Teacher Training for German as a Foreign Language

Anja coordinates our teacher-training programme for German as a Foreign Language. She is responsible for the EUROLTA Certification Course (accredited by IHWO), our 4-week intensive training programme for German teachers and works as a trainer in both EUROLTA courses.

Astrid Ringler - EUROLTA Coordinator

Astrid has been the EUROLTA coordinator since 2010. The European Certificate in Language Teaching to Adults is a qualification for foreign language teachers that ESL PROLOG – Berlin offers in cooperation with the Senate Department of Education, Science and Research.

Marlies Zurhorst - Coordinator for Additional Qualification for Teaching German as a Second Language

Marlies organizes the additional qualification programme for teaching German as a second language, which ESL PROLOG – Berlin offers on behalf of the Federal Office for Migration and Refugees. Marlies also teaches German and is involved with quality management according to AZAV.

Rik Mayda - SEO Officer

Rik doesn't only teach English at ESL PROLOG - Berlin, he is also the project manager and media specialist. Together with the PROLOG web master, he looks after the school’s internet presence, is the house photographer and knows his way around the Berliner club scene.


Bizde size kimlerin ders verdigini mi bilmek istiyorsunuz? Burada size ögretmenlerimizin bazilarini tanitmak istiyoruz.

Tania Zambrana

If you asked Tania, one of our Spanish teachers, what she loves about Berlin, she wouldn’t give a one-sentence answer: She loves the people, the atmosphere, the city – simply everything! When she’s not at work, she likes to go to the cinema, read or travel. But even after the best holiday, she always comes to Berlin.

Paul Middlemas

Paul works at PROLOG as ADOS and is responsible for coordinating courses and schedules as well as professional teacher development and curriculum development within the English department. He has previously worked in Asia and South America and his interests include travelling, writing and a variety of sports.

Karolina Kuszyk

Karolina is one of ESL PROLOG Berlin’s Polish teachers. She loves living and working in Berlin – and not just because it’s so close to Poland and her mother’s wonderful cooking! Karolina has inherited her mother’s love of cooking and also enjoys translating literary texts and the cosmopolitan energy of Berlin.

Tetsuya Hori

Tetsuya doesn’t only use his creativity in the classroom. He is also a well-known composer of electronic music and gives regular concerts in Berlin and throughout Germany. He loves the city because of its natural beauty, all that the city has to offer and also because Berlin completely changes during the summertime.

Claudia Hofer

Claudia has been working for ESL PROLOG Berlin since 2004 in the German as a Foreign Language department. She takes care of the (new) teachers, creates teaching material for various courses. Between 2007 and 2009 she and two colleagues developed course content for the Leonardo project “TRIALOG“ for the hospitality industry and now is busy organizing the German courses that evolved from that project for ESL PROLOG-Berlin.

Arndt Boetel

Arndt has lived in Berlin for 4 years and is a German teacher at ESL PROLOG Berlin. He is our “cultural attaché“ and plans and organizes the many social and cultural activities for the German department. As a non-native Berlin, what fascinates him the most about Berlin is the language – he thinks that “Berlinish“ is the most beautiful of all the German dialects. Arndt is in charge of the examinations telc and TestDaF.


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