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This page will answer your frequently asked questions about accommodation. If you can’t find the answer to a specific question here, you might find the answer in one of our other FAQ pages or send us an email?

What types of accommodation can I book through PROLOG?

We only arrange accommodation in private guest rooms. You will stay with German hosts and up to one other student from PROLOG. We think it is important that you get as many opportunities to practice your newly-learnt German as possible, and that's why we don't place all of our students together in halls of residence where they could use their native languages. We want to support and encourage your interest in the German language in every way possible!

Can I book a course without booking accommodation?

Yes. We have separate price lists for courses and for accommodation. Many of our students are living long-term here in Berlin and don't need accommodation. If you are coming from abroad to learn a language, and want to stay with friends or relatives, all the better, as they will certainly have some great tips to help you to get to know the city and its people better.

How do I pay for my accommodation?

The charges for your accommodation will appear alongside the cost of the course on the invoice sent along with the confirmation of your booking. You pay it as one payment. Have a look at the section about FAQ-Booking

Can I book accommodation without booking a course?

No. Only in exceptional circumstances, either before a language course starts or after it has finished can you stay in one of our guest rooms. Please make sure to ask us about it first though, as we only offer a finite number of guest rooms.

When will I receive the exact details about my accommodation?

Approximately ten days before your course is due to start, we will send exact details: name, address, telephone number, email address (if available), and a short description of the accommodation.

When should I arrive and depart?

All accommodation is booked from the Sunday before your course begins until the Saturday after it finishes. If, for example, you can't get flights on these days, it is possible to book extra nights. Please let us know your travel plans as soon as possible!

Who should I inform when I will be arriving at my accommodation?

Please get in touch with your host directly. Give them a call two or three days in advance of your arrival and arrange the times with them, as well as the time of your arrival at the airport or train station if they are picking you up.

Can a friend stay with me while I'm in Berlin?

Normally it's not a problem, but you should definitely check with your host first. Weekend visits are usually no problem, but longer visits are not possible. There is normally an extra charge of € 10-15 per night, but some hosts don't charge any extra!

How far will I have to travel from my accommodation to the school?

It varies. Some accommodation is very close to the school, some is around 20 to 30 minutes away. In high-season, particularly with last-minute bookings, you could be up to 45 minutes away.

Can I book extra nights?

If it's not possible to get a convenient flight, it is possible to book extra single nights. If this is the case, please let us know as soon as possible

Can I change my accommodation?

Should there be a major problem with your host, of course it is possible to change accommodation. You need to clear it with one of our staff first. As we regularly check the quality of our accommodation, major problems shouldn't arise.

Do I need to bring cutlery, bedding, and towels with me?

No. Bedding and towels are always supplied by your hosts. As we only offer private guest rooms, use of the kitchen, cutlery and kitchen equipment is also included.

Will I get a key to my accommodation?

Of course! You will normally be given a key to the building, the flat, and if available, a key to your room, for the duration of your stay.

Can I specify particular wishes in relation to my accommodation?

If you have special requirements, please let us know on your registration form. Vegetarian cuisine, pet allergies, non-smokers - we will do our best to place you in the accommodation that best suits your requirements.

Do I need to clean my room myself?

No. Your guest room will be cleaned by your hosts, as will the rest of the apartment. It might be good idea to offer to help - you can practice your German whilst drying the dishes with your host, you might learn some interesting things from them!

Can I make and receive phone calls where I am staying?

Receiving calls is no problem. If you want to make a local call, there is normally no charge, but for national and international calls you should speak to your host first. Why not ask your host when you arrive?

If you can't find the answer to a specific question here, why not send us an email?


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