Language Levels

Our levelling corresponds to the levels set out in the CEF (Common European Framework) for language learning. For the first time, the CEF has created a common standard of levelling for Europe's main languages.

The framework specifies different ability levels for every language.

A is where it starts - The Basic Level

This level deals with the elementary use of the language. In the beginners' level A1, the student has no real knowledge in the foreign language of their choice. You will reach rudimentary level in the language and be able to actively express yourself in everyday situations, such as introducing yourself, speaking about family and friends, asking for directions and other easy situations.

In the beginners' level A2, the student already has some theoretical knowledge of the basic structures of the language - by actively using these structures, you will be in the position to have a simple conversation and express past events as well as future plans.

If you can say A, you can also say B - The Intermediate Level

In the lower intermediate level B1, your language skills can be applied to correctly use the basic structures of the language. You are comfortable in many everyday situations. You can follow simple texts and easy conversations that are spoken slowly. The course concentrates on expressing more complex relationships and attaining a richer vocabulary. You will notice an improvement in how you are able to express yourself more suitably.

In the upper intermediate level B2, you have already mastered the key structures. Your vocabulary allows you to lead a somewhat longer, faster, and content-richer conversation. Your ability to express yourself in writing has drastically improved. Your vocabulary is large, but you still make some “typical“ mistakes.

Good things come in threes: C - The Advanced Level

In the C1 level, you have advanced rather far in your choice of words and grammar. You have learned to use idiomatic expressions correctly and you can express yourself almost perfectly in writing. But, nobody is perfect.

In the most advanced level C2, you give your language skills the final polish. You now have a high level of understanding of the grammar and almost have the vocabulary of a native speaker. Now it is time to perfect your writing skills and your pronunciation. You can now express yourself on many different subjects.


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