Equipment and classrooms

Our school extends over two floors and houses 22 light and spacious classrooms. The rooms can be fitted out with a TV, LCD projector, DVD and/or video player, PC and an interactive whiteboard as required.

The office is situated on the second of our two floors. Any questions you have about tuition, accommodation, or certificates should be directed here. Our office staff will be happy to help you in any way that they can. Next to the office you can surf the internet for free on one of the 16 terminals in our internet café. Opposite the office is our smokers' room with coffee machine, as well as snack and cold drink machines.

Worth a visit - our social area

Follow the corridor past our art exhibition space and you will come to our social area. Here you will find tables and chairs and another coffee machine. It's the perfect place to chat, drink, eat or work. Along the walls you will also find bookshelves lined with important teaching books.

Alpadia Berlin social area On the main wall you will see our information board with all the information you will need about our culture programme: film club, excursions and day trips, as well as information about examinations and the PIZ, PROLOG's international newsletter. The PIZ comes out once a month and anyone who is interested can write for it. There is also a Tandembörse, so if you are looking for a native-speaker partner to help you practice a new language, here is the place to look.

During the morning break at 11:30, this is where you will find our selection of delicious sandwiches and croissants, as well as the second coffee machine. Over the winter holiday season it is also worth checking this area out. Who knows what little surprises might be awaiting?

Looking for exercise, interaction, or relaxation? On our lower floor you will find our Recreation Zone with giant bean bags and WLAN Hotspot, and our conference room for up to 60 people, which is also equipped with high-speed internet connections.


ALPADIA Berlin • D-10827 Berlin • Hauptstraße 23/24

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