Learn German online

Would you like to deepen your knowledge of German? Or train your reading and listening comprehension? The internet offers some interesting possibilities to do this. We've gather some here for you.

Deutschlandfunk - Live-Stream

Cultural features, political background reporting... Deutschlandfunk (German Radio) has a high level of journalism - and it's great for training your listening comprehension in German. By using the live stream, you can tune in to the live programme. Or you can have a look in the archive to find something of interest for you.

Deutsche Welle - Podcasts

The Deutsche Welle has podcasts specifically designed for German learners: from everyday German to news reports spoken slowly to complete language courses. The rest of the regular programming (either as podcast or live stream) is more interesting for more advanced students.

Babbel - Learning portal and language community

Babbel is the name of the portal where you can learn German and other language for free and be able to put your new found knowledge to use immediately in their online exchange platform. Playful, multimedia and interactive elements make using foreign language fun.

Deutsch Lern .net

Learn German with up-to-date content. The programme is set up like a classic "German as a Foreign Language" course, but with continually updated tasks and exercises. Both beginners and advanced students can benefit from three subject areas: work and economy, nature and technology, and society.

Learn German with the news

Every day you can listen to the 10 o'clock news from the radio programme of the Deutsche Welle - spoken slowly so you can understand. In addition to the downloadable mp3 audio files, you can also print out the complete text.


Some things you understand better when you hear it a second time. Stream TV show you the online programmes of the biggest German TV broadcasters (ARD, ZDF, RTL, 3sat, arte) and links you directly to the each of the news stations.


A “Kuppelkucker“ is someone who looks at domes. This site, which is actually aimed at children, explains the inner workings of the German Parliament (inside of the dome) and its structures. Adults might enjoy the site, too.


Bookrix works a bit like Myspace. Writters can present their texts here digitally - from novels to short stories to comics and mangas to poems and non-fiction. A portal to discover, read and participate.


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