VISA - The main requirements

EU citizens and citizens from Andorra, Australia, Honduras, Iceland, Israel, Japan, Canada, the Republic of Korea, Liechtenstein, Monaco, New Zealand, Norway, San Marino, Switzerland, and the USA do not need a visa to travel to Germany.

Citizens of the above countries do, however, require a student residence permit in order to undertake a period of study in Germany. You have to apply for this student residence permit at the foreigners' registration office within three months of your arrival in Germany.

Citizens from all other countries need to apply for a student visa at the German Consulate in their own country. This is normally issued as long as your language course is more than 12 weeks long and has a minimum of 20 teaching hours per week.

Should you require a visa to travel to Germany, the procedure is normally as follows: Send us your completed course registration form along with the address of your local German consulate and a statement outlining the reason for your visa application, for example, to learn the German language, to attend a German university or to visit as a tourist.

We will send you confirmation of your booking along with our invoice. As soon as we have received your payment, we will send your course confirmation to the relevant consulate. We will also send you a copy of the letter.

You should request your visa one or two weeks later. In some countries the decision can take considerably longer, sometimes as long as eight to twelve weeks. In other countries it is much quicker, around three to five days. In some countries it can help to speed things up if you have paid the full invoice for your course and accommodation, as well as obtained full health insurance. Some embassies will also require confirmation of your financial status.

It is best if you ask your local German consulate for more information. You can find the addresses of all German embassies here:

Some countries will ask you to prove that you already have a basic knowledge of German. If, for whatever reason, your visa application is declined, please fax us the relevant official notification along with your bank details and we will refund your course fees and accommodation costs minus our €150 administration fee. Should your visa application be successful, please let us know as soon as possible when exactly you will be arriving in Germany.


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